September 29 – October 2, 2014
Palm Springs, Ca

Palm Springs


Tuesday Presentations
Lessons Learned for the 2014 Drought
  • Lessons Learned For The 2014 Drought
  • List Of Applicants Drought PSP Summary
  • The Latest Updates in California & Federal Prevailing Wage Laws
  • The Latest Updates In California And Federal Prevailing Wage Laws
  • Precautionary Legal Notice To Awarding Bodies From The Labor Commissioner
  • SB854
  • What You Need to Know When You Don't Have an HR Department
  • CSDA HR Article
  • What You Need to Know When You Don’t Have an HR Department
  • A Recipe For Excellence In The Face Of Micromanagement
    At Large Voting And The Rising Tide Of VRA Claims
    Breaking The Code - Plain Language For Special Districts
    CalPERS Dialogue With The Deputy Chief Actuary
    Change Not For Change Sake - Private Sector Innovation
    Crisis Communications - How to Take Control and Tell Your Own Story
    How to Generate And Protect Funding For Your Districts
    Telecom Leasing - Maximizing Revenues While Protecting Your Interests
    Ten Attributes Of Best Boards
    The Brown Act - Are You Doing It Wrong
    The Speed of Trust
    Walking The Political Tightrope Between Employee Rights And Public Demands
    Words in Public Contracts Do Matter
    Wednesday Presentations
    A Board Members Guide to Reading and Understanding Financial Statements
  • A Board Members Guide To Reading And Understanding Financial
  • ABC Sanitary District
  • Grant Management for Dummies - The ABCs of Record Keeping
  • Grant Management For Dummies 1
  • Grant Management For Dummies 2
  • Rate Setting and the Role of Attorneys and Public Officials
  • Rate Setting And The Role Of Attorneys And Public Officials 1
  • Rate Setting And The Role Of Attorneys And Public Officials 2
  • SDRMA General Session
    21st Century Privacy Issues
    Board Ethics And Conflicts Of Interest Issues
    Building Your Training Platform With TargetSolutions
    Citizen Engagement - New Uses Of Social Media And The Body Politic
    Design - Build for Public Works Projects
    Employment Practices Liability Update
    Fraud Prevention And Detection For Special Districts
    How to Not Only Lower OPEB Liabilities But Reduce Post
    Innovative Public - Private Financing For Water District In Napa County
    Navigating Medical Treatment In The Workers Compensation Claims Process
    Property Tax Essentials For Board Members
    Special Districts And CEQA - CEQA From Your Perspective
    The Great Board Chair
    Understanding Contractual Risk Transfer Techniques
    Thursday Presentations
    Rules of Order Made Easy
  • Rules of Order Made Easy
  • Do Don’t 14
  • Form 14
  • Motion 1 - 14
  • Motion 2 - 14
  • Order 14
  • Ranking 14
  • When Tough Times Come - Working Your Way through a Crisis or Challenge
    Hiring A Design Professional
    How To Obtain Engage And Effectively Use Your General And Or Special Counsel
    Keep Calm And Update Your Status

    40+ hours of education packed into a three-day event.


    Gain knowledge and inspiration from industry experts.


    Be the first to hear about special district trends.


    Make new contacts and maintain key relationships


    Attend specialized workshops and sessions designed to address your needs

    Keynote Speakers

    Participate in inspiring and motivating keynote sessions

    Stephen M.R. Covey

    This dynamic presentation will go beyond a dialogue of trust as a soft social virtue

    Bob Gray
    Memory Expert

    In this presentation, Bob reveals the untapped memory potential in each of us

    “If you have never attended one of these conferences, I don’t care how educated or qualified you are, there are topics you will be exposed to at the conference that you may only experience when something goes wrong. You owe it to yourself and your constituents to become educated in the fullest possible way as to your role as an elected board member, general manager or district staff. What CSDA has to offer in their conferences and training are priceless.”

    Paul Ingram, Board Member, Carmel Valley Recreation and Park District